Use multiple memcached daemons on FreeBSD

As you may know, when using memcached on 32-bit servers, processes can only address 4GB of virtual memory making the memcached daemon handle only 2 or 3 Gb of memory.

If you want to address more memory, you need to launch multiple memcached daemons.

I wrote an rc script , mmemcached, for FreeBSD to manage this.

To use it, you need to add this in /etc/rc.conf:

mmemcached_servers="1 2"
mmemcached_args="-c 8192 -t 2 -m 2048 -d"

Copy the mmemcached script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d for example and launch it with the start argument. With the above configuration it will launch two memcached daemons listening on ports 11211 and 11212 (mmemcached_servers parameter) with 2Gb of memory.


Details of the rc.conf configuration:

  • mmemcached_enabled: let this script “startable”,
  • mmemcached_servers: List of the daemons you want to start. Each number is used to generate the port number of the daemon. For example, 2 will launch a daemon listening on port 11212,
  • mmemcached_user: user that will start the daemon,
  • mmemcached_args: flags to pass to the daemon.


Download the script on github.