From iPhone 4 to Nexus 4

Nexus 4

I recently switched from my iphone 4 to a brand new Nexus 4. This is a short note about my thoughts with this new device and OS.

Background: I’ve always used Linux/Unix systems. As for my smartphone, I started with an iPhone as any Android device I tried wasn’t responsive and attractive enough. I don’t use a smartphone to hack the system. I mostly using it to communicate and check stuff online.

I might update this list in time…


  • this version of android is slick and really responsive in terms of UI. Never experienced that on android before.
  • Multitasks is killing the iphone. It so fast and smooth to switch between apps.
  • I found most of the apps I was using on my iphone and they work as well as on the iphone.
  • the back button is great.


  • I find this device very slow to charge and the mini-usb port very fragile.
  • I heard once while I was commuting this horrible buzzing noise in my headphones (you know that sound I have to experience it again to judge if it was random or regular.
  • When I’m listening to online stream, it regularly cuts while I’m doing network calls with other apps. I don’t know if it comes from the sound api or the app itself.